Bud Light Concert Series

Every winter Bud Light brings the best parties to Sugarloaf mountain and this season is no different.

This winter, we are proud to be bringing you the Bud Light Concerts Series.  Throughout the winter you'll see some great bands perform in the Widowmaker Lounge starting at 9pm. All Bud Light Concerts are $5.00 per person or free with a 2016/2017 winter Season Pass (Season pass must be present for free admission).

Please note: All Bud Light Concert Series events are 21+ and proper ID is required.

Jan 14 Ghost OF Paul Revere

Born on the banks of the Saco River, brothers in all but name, The Ghost of Paul Revere is Maine's holler-folk band. With a sound built around powerful three-party harmonies, energetic performances, and non-traditional way of interpreting traditional American music, thier songs have unique identities while still remaining undeniably the Ghost of Paul Revere. They use a masterful combination of melody and energy, somwhere between folk and foot-stomping bluegrass, that has already given Ghost shows legendary status. Fans have traveled vast distances from the most remote corners of the country to catch the band as they make an increasingly bigger mark on the scene.

Ghost of Paul Revere Website

Ghost of Paul Revere Facebook

Jan 28 Driftwood

When most people think of upstate New York, they either imagine bucolic landscapes or working-class towns. As natives of Binghampton, the members of Dritwood hail from a working town, but play music rooted in the land, leaning alternately into folk, old-time, country, punk and rock.

Check out their website HERE.

February 4th Halfway to Reggae W/Roots of Creation

"From addictive reggae pop songs to consciously charged roots rhythms and berzerk electronic improvisations, the grace and precision with which Roots of Creation execute their bass-heavy works is overwhelming. Their roots are tinged with rock, thier rock brushed with electronica, and they're as likely to dash off into a 10-minute guitar-led groove as they are to perfom righteous vocal songs that resonate like the roots-rock classics of old." - Homegrown Music Network

Check out Roots of Creations website HERE.

 March 18th Richard James & The Name Changers

Richard James & The Name Changers - RJNC to their fans - are a Boston based rock band with a piano driven, song-oriented soung that appeals to adventuresome music lovers with genre bending tastes and a desire to dance.