Bud Light UnCovered Series

Every winter Bud Light brings the best parties to Sugarloaf mountain and this season is no different.

This winter, we are proud to debut the Bud Light UnCovered series.  Throughout the winter you'll see 5 great bands perform in the Widowmaker Lounge and thanks to Bud Light, there is no cover charge. What could be better than free entertainment from some of New England's best up and coming entertainment? 5 weeks of free shows courtesy of the Bud Light Uncovered series, that's what!

All Bud Light UnCovered Series shows begin at 9:00 pm

Please note: All Bud Light Concert Series events are 21+ and proper ID is required.

January 18 Toughcats

The Toughcats blend melodic notes, clean harmonies and a warm-fuzzy sound with expert chops -- some of the best in town, really -- toward a diverse, understated set


February 1 The London Souls

The London Souls' unique reinterpretation of classic hard-hitting rock and roll formulae recalls elements of the past with an ever-present boundless energy, fit to cement their place in the future. Tash and Chris have been nothing short of a best-kept secret among New York City concertgoers since the bands formation in 2008, building a fervent and dynamic fan base leveraged by their ever sustained reputation for consistently well-rehearsed and impassioned, explosive live performances.

The London Souls

February 15 Richard James and the Name Changers

Richard James & The Name Changers-RJNC to their fans-are a Boston-based rock band with a piano driven, song-oriented sound that appeals to adventuresome music lovers with genre bending tastes and a desire to dance. If that isn't specific enough, then one should turn to the source. "Whiskey-infused roots rock and roll," says Richard James when suggesting a sound for his band... I'm not really sure what that means," he says, "but it sounds good."

Richard James and The Name Changers

March 1 Adam Ezra Group

The Adam Ezra Group has been revered as one of the top roots rock bands to come out of Boston in recent years. The group's live performances are sweaty, passionate affairs that have been compared to those of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. If you're looking for a high-energy acoustic rock show, than look no further than Adam Ezra's crew.

Adam Ezra Group

March 15 Popa Chubby

Mascot Label Group has released Popa Chubby's latest, Universal Breakdown Blues. For the prolific Popa Chubby, who was born Ted Horowitz, the album marks a premeditated return to the world of Blues. Over the course of his career that dates back to 1994, his tempestuous, soulful playing has never been more powerful. An imposing figure with a shaven head, tattooed arms, a goatee and a performance style he describes as "the Stooges meets Buddy Guy, Motörhead meets Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix meets Robert Johnson," Popa Chubby is an endearing character who is one of the genre's most popular figures.

Popa Chubby