Winter Biking

Winter Biking at Sugarloaf

The Sugarloaf Outdoor Center will allow recreational fat biking this 2017/2018 Winter Season on Trails 1East, 1West, 8, 31, and a portion of Trail 3 to connect to the Campbell Field Parking Area. Alpine Ski Trails, Snowbrook and The Birches, will also be open to allow connection with the Alpine Base Lodge. Fat bikes will be welcome on these select trails with a trail pass, conditions permitting. See the map of fat biking trails >>

Winter Bike Usage Details: 

  1. When conditions permit, bike riding will be allowed on Trails 1East, 1West, 8, 31, and a portion of Trail 3. These trails will remain open to Nordic skiers during these times.
  2. Please consult the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center for up to date information on the state of the riding surface by reviewing the Outdoor Center webpage  or calling the Lodge at 207-237-6830.
  3. Trail users must have a valid trail pass. Tickets can be purchased day-of or in advance at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center or at the Guest Services desk in the Sugarloaf Base Lodge; tickets must be visible when riding. 
    Bike Pass Pricing:
    $10 for a single day ticket
    $75 for an individual fat bike season pass 
    *Free with a 2017/2018 Nordic Season Pass or a valid Nordic Day Trail Pass
  4. Winter biking is still relatively new and to aid in its success and growth, we encourage riders to be positive ambassadors for the sport.  Please help correct any action by a fellow biker or skier that goes against appropriate trail usage and encourage proper Trail Etiquette.
  5. For those of you familiar with the summer bike trails, the existing mountain bike single track around the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center network is not being groomed except in the case of special events.
  6. The Narrow Gauge Pathway (maintained by the Town of Carrabassett Valley through the support of town funding) is always open to winter biking as well as skiing, snowshoeing, walking, and properly controlled pets.  Contact the Carrabassett Valley Town Office for further information (207-235-2645)
  7. The Maine Huts & Trails Network offers trail conditions for their network at their website.

Trail Etiquette for Winter Biking & Nordic Skiing 

  • We believe the following will assist in that effort, as well as encourage safe and enjoyable experiences for both skiers and riders:
  • Before you ride, ensure that trail conditions are appropriate and that the trails are open on the given day by checking the Nordic Conditions Website or calling the Outdoor Center at 207-237-6830. 
    Remember that conditions may be perfect for skiing or riding but that we may have an event that causes trail closures for part of the day.
  • Report any accidents immediately to the lodge staff at 207-237-6830.
  • Please ride/ski on the right side of the trail.
  • Please do not ride in classic ski tracks.
  • Riding is not permitted on snowshoe trails.
  • Skiers always have the right of way.  Bikers must yield to a descending skier.
  • Riding is only permitted on the designated Nordic ski trails; please observe signage. Do not ride bikes or ski on trails that are marked as 'CLOSED' for either sport, and observe any other posted warnings.
  • When riding or skiing in a group, please do so in single file to allow others to pass.
  • Tires should be wider than 3.7 inches and with no more than 10psi (daily recommendations will be suggested)
  • Always try to ride on the firmest part of the track. 
    If you are leaving a rut or having a difficult time riding in a straight line, the snow is too soft to ride.
  • Skiers and Bike Riders should ensure that they can hear others overtaking them, and not use headphones at a level that might impair their audible awareness. Please announce yourself when overtaking another user.
  • Maintain appropriate speed and always ski and ride in control so that you may stop or avoid obstacles and others along the trail.
  • There is no walking on the Nordic Ski trails, please consider this and do not get yourself beyond your ability level where you end up walking your bike as this will disturb the trail surface.
  • Use of the trails is not prevented during early mornings and evenings when the Lodge may be closed, but remember there is no safety patrol on the trails and no staff to respond quickly to any accidents.
    Usage during these times does require a trail fee and does require riders to adhere to all posted signage.
  • The Nordic Groomer is regularly on the trails after 4:00pm and we ask that you plan accordingly as soft fresh groomed trails do not result in enjoyable biking.
  • Only Non-motorized bikes are allowed, and this applies to 'e-bikes' as well.

Download the Trail Etiquette PDF >>

Look for these signs on the trails: