Sugarloaf Characters

Pierre DuBois, a local logger of French Canadian decent, helped Amos Winter and  the Bigelow Boys cut the first trails on Sugarloaf.  Pierre is also the man who rescued an injured Amos the Moose and brought him to Sugarloaf. He loves to ski, spend time in the woods, and meet new Sugarloaf friends every winter.







Lemon the Yellow Nosed Vole is a member of an endangered species that only lives above tree line in New England.  He is happiest riding Amos' antler skiing off Timberline Chairlift, and hearing about kids working to save our environment.








AmosAmos the Moose is named after Amos Winter, the Kingfield man who started skiing on Sugarloaf. He delights in seeing children skiing all over the mountain; their happy faces as they glide down the trails will keep him at Sugarloaf forever!









Amos, Pierre and Lemon met Blueberry the Bigelow Bear over on the Bigelow Range one summer while all were enjoying a bountiful wild blueberry crop. They convinced her to come to Sugarloaf to meet their friends and to try skiing and snowboarding...she fell in love with the sport and all the kids and families who visit the area.