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Snowmaking begins at Sugarloaf

CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine (November 2, 2014) - With temperatures dropping into the twenties last night, Sugarloaf began snowmaking operations in preparation for the 2014-15 ski season.

Natural snow flurries began early Saturday, and the snowguns roared to life just after 12:00 am Sunday morning, with 50 guns running on Upper Tote Road, Kings Landing, and Pinch.  

While Sugarloaf's opening day has yet to be determined, snowmaking will continue throughout the week, as long as temperatures remain favorable.  

"This time of the year, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature." Said Danny Barker, Sugarloaf's Snow Surfaces Manager, "the one thing we cannot control is the weather."  

This summer, Sugarloaf invested $350,000 in snowmaking upgrades, which included 40 new low-energy HKD SV10 Impulse snowguns, the most advanced energy-efficient snowmaking technology on the market. The snowguns, manufactured by Snow Economics Inc. / HKD Snowmakers, produce the same amount of snow as traditional snowguns, while using 30-40 percent less compressed air.  

Over the past three years, Sugarloaf has invested nearly $2 million in new snowmaking technology, adding more than 500 new low-energy snowguns to their fleet of snowmaking equipment. The new gear has allowed the resort to make more snow than ever before, while simultaneously reducing their associated energy use by 20 percent. These new snowguns now make up 90% of the snowmaking fleet.  

In addition to the new snowguns, Sugarloaf also continued with other capital improvements related to the Sugarloaf 2020 Ten-Year Roadmap this summer. Glade crews continued to expand terrain in Brackett, adding a new 10-plus acre glade, named Slashfire, to the east of the existing Slasher II glade.    

Several other base area projects were also completed, including a renovated lobby in the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, the installation of a $180,000 Wintersteiger Mercury tuning machine at Downhill Supply Company, and newly designed shuttle route that will eliminate vehicle traffic through the village area is currently underway.  

For more information, please visit www.sugarloaf.com.   


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