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Seth Wescott

Seth Wescott

Home at Sugarloaf

Long before he stood atop an Olympic podium, appeared on the Today Show, or shook the hand of the President of the United States, Seth Wescott was a Sugarloafer like any other - chasing powder days, running laps through terrain parks, and pushing the boundaries of his sport. And now that he has earned more honors than just about any other snowboarder in history, including a pair Olympic gold medals, not much has changed.

Wescott's history at Sugarloaf is well-documented. As a student at Mt. Blue High School in Farmington, he used to sit next to the windows to try and steal peaks at Sugarloaf's snow covered summit on the horizon. If it was glowing bright white, there was a fair chance he'd wind up on the absent roll the following day, opting instead to escape to Carrabassett Valley and explore the mountain. Snowboarding still wasn't allowed at Titcomb (the local Farmington hill) in those days, so the only way Wescott could get time on snow was to point it north to Sugarloaf.

Cruising around the mountain that I love, that I grew up on. Nothing ever gets old for me here. It's just home.

"I had already been ranked second nationally by the time I started my freshman year at Mt. Blue. At that point I don't think they had ever had a nationally ranked athlete before, and they wanted to help me along any way they could," Wescott said. "So I had this kind of secret deal with the principal that I could miss as many days as I wanted in the winter, as long as I had perfect attendance in the fall and the spring. It wouldn't go on my official record, and they would tell my parents."

Though it probably wouldn't be advised in any teacher handbooks, the handshake deal with the principal worked out in everyone's best interest. Fast forward 20-some-odd years, and Wescott is one of the most decorated snowboarders in the history of the sport and has brought truckloads of hardware back to his hometown, including the only two Olympic gold medals in snowboardcross history.

He has travelled the world, competing and winning World Cup competitions, exploring new terrain from the peaks of Alaska to shores of Antarctica, . He has appeared on the Today Show, the Colbert Report, the Tonight Show and hundreds of others, rung the opening bell on the NASDAQ, and met the President of the United States.

But throughout it all, Wescott's heart has remained true to the mountain town where he grew up, and he has worked hard to give back. About ten years ago he became part owner of a local business that he has helped grow into a year-round Sugarloaf institution. He built a house right on the Sugarloaf Access Road and established roots at the mountain. And he has worked closely with management from Sugarloaf and Boyne Resorts to help guide the Sugarloaf 2020 plan, which has led to the development of Brackett Basin and Burnt Mountain, and launched Sugarloaf into its position as the largest ski area east of the Rocky Mountains.

"It's like comfort food," he said. "Cruising around the mountain that I love, that I grew up on. Nothing ever gets old for me here. It's just home."

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Interview Requests:

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