Employee FAQs

Q: What do I need to bring with me to receive the discount?
A: Employees should bring proof of employment and a photo ID to receive the discount.

Q: Who do I contact at my company for a voucher?
A: Please check with the Human Resources Department at your company and they should be able to answer all of your questions regarding the program.

Q: How many lift tickets can I buy with 1 voucher?
A: You can purchase up to four (4) lift tickets with one (1) voucher. If you need to purchase more than four (4) at a time then please bring additional vouchers. For example, if there are eight (8) people at the ticket window they must have at least two (2) corporate vouchers.

Q: Are my friends and family eligible for the discount?
A: Yes, an employee can purchase up to (four) 4 lift tickets with (one) 1 voucher for friends and family members.

If the employee is not present, only immediate family members can receive the corporate discount. The immediate family member must provide proof of employment for the corporate member and they must provide a photo ID.

Q: If I am skiing for multiple days how many vouchers do I need?
A: If you are skiing multiple days then you should bring the number of vouchers that corresponds with the number of days skiing. When you go to the ticket window to purchase your lift tickets the attendant will take your voucher regardless of how many lift tickets you purchase

Q: Do the vouchers have any blackout dates?
A: No, you can receive your corporate discount any day during the current ski season.

Q: What if my company is not part of the program?
A: If your company is not part of our Corporate Discount Program and meets the minimum eligibility requirements, then we suggest letting your Human Resource Department know about all of the benefits and have them contact Sugarloaf to sign up. If your HR Department does not want to be the contact for the program, then feel free to organize the program for your company.

Q: What mountain do I receive a discount to ski?
A: The Corporate Discount Program offers discounts at Sugarloaf and Sunday River. If you would like to receive discounts at Loon Mountain, please contact Jon Sartorelli by calling 603-745-6281 or by emailing jsartorelli@loonmtn.com.

Q: Are there any lodging deals available?
A: Currently we are not offering any special lodging deals. If you have 20 or more people that are interested in organizing a group trip, please visit our group sales webpage.