New England Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the 2017-18 New England Pass include benefits at Boyne's western resorts?
Purchasers of the New England Pass are eligible to add a M.A.X. Pass upgrade to that will include five days of skiing at a 36 additional resorts across North America including all of Boyne's western mountains. There are no blackout dates or restrictions on these days, and there are no requirements or restrictions for lodging.The M.A.X. Pass upgrade is available to purchase at theMAXpass.com.

Q: What is the Spring Launch Sale?
The Spring Launch Sale is an opportunity for guests to enjoy even greater savings on their season pass by purchasing even earlier - by Friday, March 10.

Q: Will the early purchase benefits still be available after the Launch Sale?
Yes. As usual, you can take advantage of the Easy Pay plan or the Buy Now Ski This Spring benefit if you purcahase your pass by Sunday, April 30. 

Q: What is the New England Pass?
The New England Pass is a season pass offering skiing and riding at Sunday River and Sugarloaf in Maine and Loon Mountain in New Hampshire.

Q: What New England Pass options are available?
Sugarloaf offers four New England Pass three options: an unrestricted Gold Plus Pass with first tracks benefits, an unrestricted Gold Pass, a Silver Pass with 12 blackout dates and a Bronze Pass valid midweek non-holiday. Additionally there is an unlimited College New England Pass available.

Q: When are 2017-18 season passes on sale?
All 2017-18 season pass products will go on sale on Monday, March 6.

Q: What is the Easy Pay Plan?
The Easy Pay Plan is available during our spring sale, and allows purchasers to lock-in the low spring rates with a $50 deposit, before paying the balance in four installments on June 1, July 1, August 1, and September 1.

Q: How will age be determined for the New England Passes?
The passholder's age on November 1, 2017 determines the age category for all 2017-18 season passes.

Q: Does the New England Pass include retail discounts?
Gold Plus Passholder receive a 20% discount at Sugarloaf, while Gold Passholders receive a 15% discount and Silver and Bronze Passholders receive a 10% discount at retail stores at Sugarloaf, Sunday River and Loon.

Q: Can I upgrade my New England Pass to a higher level?
Yes, you can upgrade your pass to a higher level at any time. The cost for upgrading will be based on the current pass prices at the time the upgrade is made.

Q: Will you offer VIP lodging rates for season passholders next season?
Sugarloaf offers discounted lodging rates for passholders. Rates vary over the course of the season depending on business levels.

Q: When will you announce lift ticket pricing?
2017-18 lift ticket rates will be announced in the fall.