CVA Weekend Programs

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Carrabassett Valley Academy (CVA) offers a Weekend Program for athletes ages 7-19 to hone their alpine racing, freestyle skiing, and snowboarding skills on the weekends and during the December and February vacation weeks. Mirrored after CVA's mission to provide opportunities for excellence in competitive skiing and snowboarding, the Weekend Program will introduce competition in a fun, positive, environment. The program fosters the life- long love of skiing or snowboarding through focused small group student-athlete development. Athletes in groups based on individual ability, and explore a variety of terrain. This program is designed to prepare the athlete for all levels of competitive skiing or snowboarding.

In addition to the athletic training the Weekend Program coaches encourage all athletes to strive towards high academic standards and keep sports in perspective. They assist in teaching life- long lessons such as sportsmanship, camaraderie, respect for oneself and others, trust, confidence, goal setting, respect of our environment, and community betterment.

The CVA Weekend Program schedule will be available soon.

CVA Alpine Weekend Program

The mission of the Alpine Weekend Program is to foster the life -long love of skiing through focused small group student-athlete development. We provide strong fundamental coaching, optimum world-class athletic training in competitive skiing, and responsible community involvement.  We strive to provide every student-athlete with the opportunity to be the best that they can be. One of the primary focuses of the Weekend Program is to allow young athletes to truly discover the sport of skiing; to provide an environment where they are internally motivated and excited about improving their skills. Coaches encourage growth, fun, and mastery of skills. For more information visit CVA's website, or contact Ron Bonnevie, Alpine Weekend Program Director, rbonnevie@gocva.com. 207-491-7134. 

CVA Freestyle Weekend Program

The Freestyle Weekend Program is designed for skiers who are interested in competing in Park and Pipe, Moguls, or both.

There are 3 program options: 1) a Mogul focus; 2) a Park and Pipe focus; 3) or a focus on both. If you choose the Mogul focused group, you will compete in USSA events; the Park and Pipe focused group will be competing in both USSA and USASA, and the group that focuses equally on both will compete in USASA and USSA. The coaches encourage each athlete to find out what they love about skiing to help them determine which program option is best for them. All athletes will be expected to compete as all three groups have a competition focus.

For more information visit CVA's website, or contact Joan Dolan, CVA Freestyle Program Manager, jdolan@gocva.com. 207-215-8741.

CVA Snowboard Weekend Program

The Snowboard Weekend Program is designed for snowboarders who love to ride, have a desire to learn competition skills and want to improve their snowboarding. Training will cover beginning through advanced park, pipe, sbx, and racing skills with a specific focus on developing self -confidence, and the overall rider.

For more information visit CVA's website, or contact Meghan Price, CVA Snowboard Program Manager, mprice@gocva.com. 603-732-8512. 

CVA Skier X Weekend Program

The mission of the Skier X Weekend Program is to foster the lifelong love of skiing through focused small group student athlete development. The challenging terrain at Sugarloaf combined with our very our own Seth Wescott designed Boarder/Skier X track provides the perfect environment to hone all of your racing skills. We have created a comprehensive weekend Ski X program mirrored after our world famous Boardercross program and will provide all of the resources needed to help you push your limits and achieve your personal best.

For more information visit CVA's website, or contact Alex Hemlin, CVA Skier X Program Director, ahemlin@gocva.com. 613-864-8062.

Intra-Mountain Competition Series

(included in Weekend Program prices)


Junior Bump League -Mini Mogul course events with one mogul air 

Drop Box League -Mini Box/Rail Jam event


Kirsten Clark League- A six race series open to all who participate in the alpine Weekend Program. All races are held at Sugarloaf and generally on intermediate terrain.


CVA Weekend Programs (Ages 7-19)
Alpine U10, U12, U14 $1495*
Alpine U16, U18, U21 $1495*
 Freestyle $1495*
Snowboard $1495*
Skier X $1445*

*Sign up prior to 10/12/16 and receive a $75 discount.

To sign up for a CVA Weekend Program, please click here or call 207-237-2250 for more information.