Brackett Basin

Brackett Basin contains some of Sugarloaf's newest terrain, part of a massive 655 acre terrain expansion that makes Sugarloaf the largest ski area east of the Rocky Mountains. When fully open, Brackett Basin and Burnt Mountain offer over 650 acres acres of backcountry-style glades, including steeps, chutes, and cliffs, all comprising one of the most unique skiing adventures anywhere on the East Coast.

While this new terrain offers opportunities for new and exciting Sugarloaf adventures, it is not for everybody. The terrain is vast, contains unmarked hazards including cliffs, rocks, and fallen trees, and should be attempted by expert skiers and snowboarders only. We want you to have fun and explore this new terrain, but there are a number of safety tips that every skier should be familiar with before embarking on this new challenge.

Know Your Brackett Basics

Follow these basic safety rules whenever you explore Brackett Basin:

Know Before You Go

This terrain is new to all of us. Even those who have ventured into this area before will not recognize the new landscape. Familiarize yourself with the Sugarloaf trail map before you enter, and use your first trip into Brackett Basin to familiarize yourself with the area.

Ask Questions

If you're unfamiliar with Brackett Basin and Burnt Mountain, unsure if you're ready to try it out, or have any questions before you venture in, stop in at the Ski Patrol building on Spillway Crosscut and talk with a patroller.

Safety Signage

There is a giant sign at the entrance to Brackett Basin with a safety message. Read it. Keep your eyes open for trail signs marking the different glades, and orange discs marking the ski area boundary.

The 3 & 3 Rule

The 3 & 3 Rule is simple: Never enter Brackett Basin with a group of fewer than 3 people, and never enter Brackett Basin after 3pm.

Have a Meet Up Plan

Make a plan with your group for where you will meet if you get separated. That way if you get lost and don't show up, your friends can notify Ski Patrol.

Know Your Landmarks

When you're in Brackett Basin, make mental notes of distinct landmarks as you pass them, and be aware of your location. If you should become lost, this will help you identify your location to Sugarloaf Ski Patrol.

Never Ski Outside of the Ski Area Boundary

The Sugarloaf ski area boundary is marked with brightly colored orange signs. When skiing or riding in Brackett Basin or on Burnt Mountain, you should actively look for these boundary markers. Skiing outside of Sugarloaf's boundary is strictly prohibited.

Carry a Cell Phone

A cell phone will not save you in every situation, and there is no guarantee you will have service, but it can be a valuable tool if you ever need to call for help.