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Conditions as of February 26, 2017 at 9:30 AM EDT


Primary Surface: Loose Granular

Secondary Surface: Wet Granular

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Today at the Loaf
Today's curve ball? The weather. However, Sugarloafers are undeterred.

9:30am UPDATE: SuperQuad, T-bar, DRC A/B, Skidway, and Sawduster are open. Snubber, West Mountain, Skyline, and Timberline are on wind hold, and Whiffletree, and King Pine are on grooming hold. 

Good Sunday morning, Sugarloafers! Just as quick as the seasons changed last week, they have changed again and winter is back. The mountain saw some mixed precip after closing up shop yesterday afternoon, and it has ended in snow flurries this morning. On mornings as such, I wish I had a magic wand to wave that would smooth snow surfaces to perfection. A wand does not exist, but our magical groomers do. A chat on the radio with them this morning and they said surfaces are starting to firm up, however it's still a bit soft underneath making for some slow going. By opening bell, skiers and riders can expect to have Tote Road, Sluice, Hayburner, Candyside, and additional lower terrain available and open. Groomers will continue to work throughout the morning, and Ski Patrol will open trails as they become available.  

Winter has taken back the reins and it feels good. Temps have cooled considerably and you can expect the mercury to be between 28-32 degrees at the base and 17-21 degrees at the summit today. As mentioned, the precip has changed over to light flurries this morning and those are expected to end and make room for a partly sunny sky later today. Wind has shifted to the northwest and will be breezy. 

When surfaces get warm on the slopes, it's best to leave them be and that's what our groomers did for most of the night. They clocked in a few hours ago and have started to work their magic on some of the main artieries. The Trails & Lifts page reflects what they hope to get done this morning, however I'll continue to update it this morning as they go along. The lifts are on weekend duty; all thirteen are scheduled to turn Sunday morning. Due to wind, we may see a wind hold or two, and the T-bar will be ready to go if needed. Remember, you can save on lift tickets by buying them in advance online. The earlier you buy the more you can save. Check out all the details here.

Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday...call it what you want. All I know is that it means it's time to throw a party. The Loaf is celebrating this Tuesday's festivities with a Mardi Gras Party at the Widowmaker with Gretchen and The Pickpockets starting at 9pm.

The Sugarloaf Outdoor Center is now open daily with both skate and classic skiing. Currently, the skating rink is closed. Check out their Conditions Page for the most up-to-date info and conditions. The Nordic Retail Shop and Rentals are open from 9am-5pm, and the Bull Moose Cafe is open from 10am-3pm.    

Hang in there, Sugarloafers. The snow will return.

Sarah Sindo
Snow Reporter
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