Slope Safety

At Sugarloaf slope safety is a priority. We encourage our guests to learn about our safety programs and help educate their fellow skiers and riders. Below you'll find information on some of the slope safety initiatives we have in place at the resort.

Go With The Flow

Sugarloaf's Go With The Flow program promotes the use of sound, personal judgment regarding speed and control when skiing and riding. Because "fast" skiing may mean different things to different people, Go With The Flow reminds skiers and riders to be courteous and follow the pace of those around them. In addition to Ski Patrol and Mountain Ambassador support, you will see green Go With The Flow banners at key areas on the mountain and lift area signs outlining the program. Go With The Flow focuses on three key messages:

  • Be Aware - Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Respect Slow Zones - Slow down at orange signs and trail junctions.
  • Follow The Pace - Faster than those around you is too fast.

Freestyle Terrain

Sugarloaf promotes the Smart Style program, and uses the Orange Oval to designate Freestyle Terrain such as parks and pipes. PRIOR to using Freestyle Terrain, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with Freestyle Terrain and obeying all instructions, warnings and signs. Freestyle skills require maintaining control on the ground, and in the air.

  • Make a Plan - Every time you use freestyle terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use. Your speed, approach and take off will directly affect your maneuver and landing
  • Look Before You Leap - Scope around the jumps first, not over them. Know landings are clear, and clear yourself out of the landing area.
  • Easy Style It - Start small and work your way up.
  • Respect Gets Respect - From the lift line through the park.

For more information on the Smart Style Program, visit the Sugarloaf Terrain Park site.

Your Responsibility Code

Skiing can be enjoyed in many ways. At ski areas you may see people using alpine, snowboard, telemark, cross country and other specialized ski equipment, such as that used by disabled or other skiers. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy the slopes, always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Observe the code listed below and share with other skiers the responsibility for a great on-hill experience.

  • Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  • You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.
  • Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  • Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  • Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  • Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.

This is a partial list. Be safety conscious. Officially endorsed by the National Ski Areas Association

Skinning, Snowshoeing, & Hiking

With an ever-growing sidecountry scene, Sugarloaf embraces skinning, snowshoeing, and other types of uphill travel. For the safety of everyone on the mountain, we ask that anyone participating in these activities adhere to the following guidelines. All uphill travel is done at each individual's own risk.

  1. You must have a valid season pass or day ticket. If you do not intend to ride a lift at any point during the day, you can purchase an Uphill Access day ticket for $10 at Guest Services.
  2. The suggested route of uphill travel is Windrow to Bullwinkles, and Tote Road above that point.
  3. You may only travel on terrain that is designated as open on the trail report.
  4. You must ensure that you are visible to downhill traffic at all times.
  5. You may not leave Sugarloaf property to access the backcountry.
  6. You may not ski down the mountain prior to opening at 8:30am.
  7. Ski Patrol clears the mountain of all guests and employees at the end of operating hours everyday. If you are on the mountain at this time you will be required to ski down.
  8. Overnight stays on the mountain are not permitted.
  9. Ski Patrol reserves the right to close the mountain to these activities at any time due to severe weather, dangerous surface conditions, or other factors.
  10. Sledding is not permitted on any part of the mountain at any time. 

Photography & Drone Policy

Personal photography is allowed across the resort and at all resort events.  All commercial and media filming, video and photography, requires prior approval from Sugarloaf's Marketing Department.

Due to safety and privacy concerns, Sugarloaf prohibits the operation of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, on or above resort property without the prior written authorization from Sugarloaf. This prohibition includes drones used for filming or videotaping, as well as any drone use by media or journalists operating above or within the area boundaries. This prohibition extends to any devices launched or operated from Resort property, as well as any launched from private property outside of the Resort boundaries.

Authorization for drone use will require proof of FAA licensing, insurance covering drone use, and liability release. Please contact the Marketing Department and provide this documentation if you wish to apply for authorization or have any questions.  Any violation of this policy can be reported to the FAA and may involve suspension of your access privileges to the Resort, the revocation of your season pass, and confiscation of any prohibited equipment. Violators will be subject to any liability for damages, including, but not limited to, damages for trespass, violations of privacy, and physical injuries to persons and/or property, as well as legal fees.